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In 1985, master artist and storyteller Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) introduced in APPLESEED a vision of the future which was to become the standard by which all other sci-fi/cyberpunk manga were to be judged. Amidst a dark, apocalyptic world lies a utopia where humans co-exist for survival with man-made hybrid machines. But not all is as peaceful as it seems when Deunan and her cyborg companion Briareos are drawn into the undercurrent of betrayal and deception. This year, anime and manga fans alike will be treated to the first ever feature length adaptation of Shirow's APPLESEED as it has never been seen before in mesmerizing 3DCG (3D computer generation). A collection of eight miniature figures drawn from the upcoming film in commemoration of this event. Featured are Duenan; Briareos; Hitomi; Gugess and the female cyborg assassins Viridian, Cerulean and Carmine. Also featured is an alternate version of Hitomi which was previously only sold with movie tickets in Japan. Each figure stands approximately 4" and comes equipped with themed accessories and display bases all sealed in blister card packaging.


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