Clue Carnival

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Players    2 − 5
Suggested Ages 5 and up
Playing Time 20 minutes

Get set for a carnival adventure and solve the mystery of the missing prizes! The carnival prizes have been stolen and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it! Who stole them? Where were they taken from? And at what time did the crime happen? Guess as you go and prepare to reveal the truth at the nail-biting end of the game...the player with the most correct guesses wins! There’s no time to waste... get on the case!

SUMMARY: Discover who took the prizes, and when, to win! Two-sided board has 2 levels of play, so the game grows with the kids! Includes gameboard (in 2 pieces), plastic tray, 5 movers, 6 "Who" cards, 6 "Where" cards, 6 "When" cards, 1 All Guess card, 18 Guess tokens in 5 colors, 3 gold tokens, detective sheet, truth envelope, die and instructions. For 2 to 5 players.


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