Dawnforge Crucible of Legend

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DAWNFORGE exists to scratch that itch as it relates to D&D. It acts almost as a "prequel" to the standard D&D setting, showing a world where old rivalries are just starting, where Immortals wander the land hoping to become the first true gods, and where new races are just starting to fulfill their potential. Originally an entry in Wizards of the Coast's "setting search" (where it made it to the semi-finals), it has now been published by Fantasy Flight Games (who already are planning at least one supplement.) The book bears the d20 logo and is compatible with the updated material in 3.5.

The world of Dawnforge is comprised of three major continents: Ambria in the northeast, Zangala to the south, and Tamerland to the west. Most of the familiar races and major civilizations live on Ambria. Zangala is a more exotic land dominated by the yuan-ti, while Tamerland is an unexplored and untamed land inhabited mostly by lizardfolk and dinosaurs. The book's introduction gives an illustrated overview of the setting, as well as an excellent map which I've referenced frequently. A series of sidebars compose the observation of Fiadan the Sage, a storyteller in "modern" D&D times telling the story of the lost First Age.


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