MCfarlane's Spawn series 29 Man of Miracles

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From the pages of Spawn #150 and beyond, this all-new lineup of hyper-detailed action figures brings to life the next evolution in the Spawn mythos. Featuring a new rendition of Spawn along with five other key characters -- each playing a pivotal role in Spawn's continued struggles (and each making his/her/its action-figure debut) -- Spawn Series 29 is set to be a favorite among fans both old and new. This mysterious being has come to offer Spawn guidance in his continuing battle against the forces of Light and Darkness. But what is he exactly, and what does he want with Spawn? After all, everyone wants something; everyone is working an angle, and so far in his journey through the afterlife, Spawn has learned that no one -- regardless of appearance -- is ever who they appear to be. Is the Man of Miracles truly an ally? Only time will tell. (First appearance: SPAWN #150/Image Comics hardcover)


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