MTG Archenemy Bring About the Undead Apocalypse

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MTG Archenemy Bring About the Undead Apocalypse

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Archenemy is a multiplayer format where one player is selected to be the "archenemy", and the rest of the players play against them. Players start normally at 20 life, but the archenemy starts at 40 life, plays first, and draws a card on their first turn. In addition to their normal library of Magic cards, the archenemy starts with a shuffled deck of at least 20 scheme cards where there are no more than 2 copies of any individual scheme card. Right before the beginning of the archenemy's first main phase, the archenemy draws the top card of the their scheme deck and resolves the card, puts it on the bottom of the scheme deck, and then proceeds with their turn normally. The archenemy's opponents share their turn steps (i.e. they occur at the same time) but do not share cards, life totals, mana pools or any other resource, similar to Two-Headed Giant. The archenemy wins by defeating each of his opponents by the normal means, but his opponents all win if he is defeated.


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    Archenemy is lots of fun, just people dont seem to like playing it. you need the scheme deck to play though which many people probably dont have.

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