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Worried that in the future, peace will be declared across the multiverse? Have no fear! As the “Future Shock” deck proves, tomorrow’s Magic games will be filled with as many fierce beasts, warriors, and brutes slavering for a fight as you could hope for—and you get a sneak peek! That’s because this deck contains nothing but basic lands andFuture Sight “timeshifted” cards.

The strategy is simple: Play impressive creatures and attack. The key is to get a jump on your opponent by bringing the beatdown before it can be handled. Edge of Autumn and Grinning Ignus both give you a mana boost so you can play your bigger creatures faster. Even better, Centaur Omenreader reduces the cost you pay for your creatures as long as it’s tapped—and attacking with it is a great way to tap it!

If your opponent tries to put up a fight, Ghostfire can clear out potential blockers, as can a Bloodshot Traineeenchanted with Flowstone Embrace. More impressively, Boldwyr Intimidator lets you bypass any blockers altogether. The future will be ferocious!


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