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2 − 6
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 3, 4 players
Mfg Suggested Ages
6 and up
Playing Time
12 minutes

From the publishers website:

Gear up for a memory bender in this fast-playing card game of shouting silliness. Turn over a card and give the robot a name: Melvin, Spaghetti Head, GP-450, or whatever you imagine. When it shows up again, be the first to shout its name and you collect the stack of cards. Spot a robot match? Shout out "Thing-a-ma-BOT" and steal an opponent's stack! Collect the most robots to win the game.

Thing-a-ma-Bots is an easy-to-learn game starring the silliest robots around. Players of all ages will enjoy making up ridiculous names for the colorful characters. The game helps build creativity and memory skills while inspiring giggles and goofiness.


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