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Order & Chaos – Polar opposites, slugging it out in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME for years.

Now, the feud that never seems to end hits a new zenith in 2012, with Order of Chaos.

As chaos and order collide, Order of Chaos contains all the tools YOU need to forge a Deck and achieve whatever destiny awaits. Will you create order from the chaos that surrounds you? Or impose a new order on your opponents – of the chaos, by the chaos, for the chaos?

That choice is up to you!


There Will Be Order…?

Order has a new champion!

Number C39: Utopia Ray is an upgraded version of Number 39: Utopia (from Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz). You can Xyz Summon Utopia Ray with 3 Level 4 LIGHT monsters. But it also has a special way to Summon it – the first of its kind!

You can Xyz Summon Utopia Ray by using ONLY Number 39: Utopia as Xyz Material. Utopia attaches to Utopia Ray as Xyz Material – and any Xyz Materials that were attached to Utopia also transfer over to Utopia Ray!

Once Utopia Ray is on the field, equip it with ZW - Unicorn Spear, right from your hand. This card is normally a 1900 ATK Level 4 monster, but when equipped to Utopia Ray, it boosts Utopia Ray by 1900 points instead. That brings Utopia Ray up to 4400 ATK!!!


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